Apple carton

Apple carton is ordered and produced in 5 stages in laminate printing process in most stage. In the following, we will tell why and how the export to apples in stylish and attractiveness carton packages caused a lot of demand and increased the sales of this nutritious fruit among its competitors.



Export cartons of apple

If you are looking to export apples or you are looking for a fruit export, join us . It is good to know that every year in our beloved country of Iran, apples have a lot of waste and the biggest reason is improper packaging and incorrect storage methods.


On the other hand, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. are good places to export this valuable fruit.

Apple carton price

Apple cartons are produced in various markets in the form of die-cut and laminate and four-doors (American carton) due to their use. Laminated die-cut apple cartons are used for export purposes.

Cartons are more expensive than four-door (American) cartos with offset printing due to their appearance and the type of printing used in them.

The packaging of apple tree cartons should be attractive, stylish and at the same time durable, which can be concluded that apple export cartons are used to move and transport apples, both for export and domestic, in order to deliver products such as apples to the consumer without being crushed.


What is the best packaging for apples?

Apple is one of the fruits that is cultivated ad harvested in the northern regions of Iran due to its good climate. Since fruits and other items are highly degradable and their quality and appearance change, ad as you know, 5-layer carton or 7-lyer cartons were used.

Packages that are produced for export must have many capabilities, for example, the ability to sharpen images and pleasing design and color play a big role in the attractiveness of packaging , or in the most countries, according to the standards they have, are in favor of importing packages that be more environmentally friendly.

The only packaging that can not harm the environment and nature by maintaining an attractive appearance are cardboard and carton packaging.

Impact of packaging on target market attraction

If you have a little proper planning and with a proper and patient management, you can achieve good profit in several stages if simultaneous work in a certain time efficiency.

First, review and quality the marketing of buying different typed of apples, then control the target sales markets and asses their needs, and at the end, evaluate the laminated carton packaging in relation to the amount of product weight for each and the quality of each box.

Needless of say, you can start the export of apples in a controlled manner and register the branding of export apples with your brand from the beginning so that the brand of Iranian export apple cartons will be recognized as the best current option for packaging export products without restriction on sending and receiving.


Buy an apple carton

If you want to buy boxes and cartons of apples in aminated and die-cutting types for export, or even four-door cartons that are used to domestic markets, you can refer to Avin Pack cartonmaking.

Avin carton with experience in the production of export packaging for fruits and vegetables can produced the best boxes and cartons with beautiful design. Excellent quality and the lowest prices compared to other carton manufacturers.

Why export apples in carton packaging?

In order for apples to enter the domestic and foreign markets, they must be packed in stylish and strong cartons, because most countries that impact apples have given the highest priority to cartons, and the biggest reason is that they are recyclable.

It is low risk to the environment. Apples are rich in vitamins and consuming one apple a day is recommended for humans because it raises the body’s strength and by consuming it repeatedly, reduces the human needs for a doctor over time.

The important of consuming this type of fruit ha been proven for many countries, and because of this issue and the discussion of recycling, they are more interested in importing quality apples in laminated and ordinary carton packages.

Here we do not want to talk to you about the full benefits of apples, and for goal was to explain the reasons for the high demand for apple exports in laminated carton boxes, and I hope we have been able to introduce you to this issue in this article.


Apples have a high nutritional value, which is why apple exports are booming, so exporters are looking for creative and attractive packaging , carton boxes and cardboard to reach the target market relation to their competitors, because packaging is very important and has a great impact on attracting customers and increasing sales ad well as branding.

Apples are grown more in cities such as Tabris, Maragheh, Ardabil, Kermanshah than other regions of Iran. There are different types of apples such as red, yellow, alice and etc., each of which has its own taste. This fruit is known for its reception all over the world.

Avin pack printing and packaging industry

Avin pack is an exclusive brand and on special joint stock company that operates in the field of printing and packaging , with more than a decade of experience.

The company in the field of production of manufacturers of carton and cardboard boxes with prints and various printing services, in the part of development and quality improvement, as well as competition with its neighboring countries to increase sales of Iranian goods at home and abroad.

Avin Pack tries to with the mark of the best carton manufacturer in Iran by making and producing all kinds of boxes nd unique packaging cartons with reasonable prices.

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