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Carton making job is one of the five most lucrative and popular jobs in Iran. Of course setting up and producing this job requires the experience and expertise of people who have worked in this field and have related skills.



Carton making

The job of carton making, as mentioned, requires special expertise. In such a way that when you start this job, you start with a promise, do not go bankrupt after a short time.

Related expertise and experience , as well as getting help from experts in this job will help you progress. Everyone starts making money and profit before starting any business, and if they anticipate that the job they are looking for is not profitable enough, they w ill definitely give up. But surely every business that is done with the right principles and techniques also brings profit.


Today, several carton factories have been set up across the country. The industry has grown dramatically, with cardboard and carton packaging replacing plastic and nylon. These cartons packages and cardboard boxes are used in different types for domestic market and export.

Carton making job income

The income of this job depends on how the business has been supported since its launch. It takes more expertise and skills to get started than a good financial position. You can start a carton factory with a medium capital, later expand it to a large company of factory.

You all know that for a new job or business, enough time must be spent to be recognized in the province or country.

These are just some of the goal setting share ware that you can use. After getting the customer, you have to gain their trust. An important point that makes all business proper is the application of the principles of quality.


If the customer is satisfied with the packaging that you have designed and produced for his products, he will definitely refer to your carton manufacturer for the next orders, or he may even direct his similar businesses to you to buy the packaging.

The important thing is not to expect revenue generation in the early months, because until they know your industry and offer your products in the best way, you will definitely spend the capital your earn on personnel costs and raw materials for the production line.

Carton making machines required

Is it necessary to buy all the equipment related to carton making?

In the early stages, you do not need to buy all the carton making machine to get started, because in the first months of starting this job, its future is a bit uncertain.

It is better to start with the most necessary machines and gradually add more professional devices and machines as the business expands and the available space.

Production of cardboard sheet is one of the components without which carton making has practically no meaning. To produce any typed of carton, whether flexural or laminated, it is necessary to produce cardboard sheet.

At the beginning of cartoning, there is no need to provide sheet metal making machines because they are both very expensive and take up a lot of space. You van use sheet metal mills active in this field to get started.

What are the most important equipment needed for a carton?

With the advancement of technology, devices and machine in the world, there are various devices that make the work easier for the production line of cartons, but to buy all these devices requires, a lot of capital. Some of these machines are used in special cases and are not used on a daily basis. You can see the types of machines in the gallery below.

to produced cartons and packaging boxes, multiple customers need machine such as die-cut, which include rotary, ping-pong, flexo machines, laminators, glue lips, punchs and starps.

We linked the items whose articles were available for more information. You can use their useful content. In the following, we will briefly explain the now cases, which are recommended to be with us.

Flexo machine: One of the most devices found in all types of carton making is the flexo machine. This machine is used for flexographic printing. Flexo printing is called direct printing on carton. In such a way that by pumping the paint form the chamber, the paint is transferred to the stencil and is inserted directly on the carton.

Flexo machines all have a unit that if you have a flexo machine, you no longer need a separate cutting machine, which means that flexo will print and cut at the same time.

The laminating machine is the process of offset printing, so that texts and images are printed like a colorful poster and stick to the cardboard sheet through the special adhesives of the laminating machine, and after the cardboard sheet dries, a cut is applied on it.

Offset printing laminating process has special services such as cellophane, UV, varnish, gliding and embossing and so on.

Adhesive lip: This device has adhesive lip carton with components such as pulleys, rollers belts. First, the edges of the carton are glued and passed through the rollers and belts of the machine, and after the edges are pressed, the desired sheet takes the shape of a carton.

Stapler: The appearance of this machine is very similar sewing machine. The number of staples can be adjusted to determine how many staples to use for each part of the carton.


Cartons that are supposed to withstand a lot of weight are opened using glue lips when moving, and it is better to use a punch to hold them.

Who is employed in carton factories?

To start a cartoning business, you need force in production, design, sales and marketing. The production line of this job is composed of efficient and specialized personnel to produce products with more quality and accuracy.

carton making indusrty

Another very important element in all types of carton making is the presence of a designer. Most laminated and die-cut cartons are used for packaging of export products, so using creatively in the use of designs and colors of satisfy customers is very important, and each carton is made by a group of tasteful designers.

It should be noted that in any typed of business, of it does not have a sales and marketing department, that job is practically inefficient and it will not be long before it will fail. Having specialized staff, with perseverance and patience in this field will cause a significant growth of your customers.


The profession of carton and box making is an attractive job. In such a way that it can generate good income and profit. If you put all the pieces of the puzzle together correctly.

With the modernization of sales and marketing methods and using the latest world knowledge and advanced device a long with a strong team of design, production and popper management of a production unit, you can definitely achieve great success.

Avin pack carton company with more than a decade of experience in the field of die-cutting, laminated and export cartons and cardboard boxes for a variety of products with many customers, from well-known brands such as TAKNAMA and NAMAV in the field of electrical and electronic equipment packaging, MAHAk in industrial supplies packs, ZER products in the field of food and lemon for the packaging of have appliances and kitchenware has been proud to cooperate.

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