Carton strap machine

Carton strap machine is one of the practical machines that is used for convenience in transportation and ensuring that goods are safe and not lost during movement, which can be used in areas such as packaging newspapers, lumber, magazines and postal cartons.



Types of strap machine

Carton strap machine is usually use in carton making industries but There are many straps on the market that are used for various purpose. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic belt straps are types of this device, the function pf each of which varies depending on the capability of the device. To understand the difference between different types of straps, pay attention to the answers to the following questions.



What are strapping machines used for?

The main task of the strap machine is to hold the packages that are to be packed. Items such as mailboxes and lumber or magazines in different quantities in large quantities may cause problems for people to move if not packed.

The function of the strap is that the packages that are to be completed in a pack are stacked around them and a strip is wrapped around them, which may be made of steel, polypropylene or polyester.

Of course, it should be noted that plastic straps, which are usually made of polypropylene, are used for light packaging, This typed of packaging makes it faster and easier to transport.

Who uses strap machines?

Since belt strap machines include three types, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, each is used for its own business. For example, a small business that needs limited transportation or packaging may used a semi-automatic strap.

But large quantities of production requires fully automatic straps, which are widely seen in post offices for postal carton, transport companies, and newspaper distribution.

Strap devices are made in three types that even for those who deal with a small amount of products to benefit from the convenience and usefulness of such devices.

The hand strap is a fully portable tool that uses a battery instead of electricity. the device is used for people who want to pack their goods in different and variable places.

The portability and comfort of this model of strap making machines has made it popular all kinds of workshop employees. In semi- automatic and automatic strap machines, an operator is needed to monitor and control the quality of work performed.

the only difference between these two types of models is that in the semi-automatic model, the operator rotates the belt head around his product and the rest of the steps are done automatically.


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