Brochure is one of the most appropriate and common items that is used to inform in a short time. Today, beauty brochures with modern and attractive designs are produced for a variety of products.



What is the brochure?

A brochure is a sheet in different sheets or a booklet on several pages that is for business, institution or company and its services, which is known by the Persian equivalent Kalanama, which means that people have comprehensive information about their business.

Complete in a short time to provide customers and consumers. Brochures have educational and informational aspects that are used or advertising. For example, you may attend a seminar at the end of which brochures will be distribute to you.

In this regard, the brochures produced about that seminar provided a complete explanation and called for further training and participation in subsequent conferences, which in addition to its informative aspect, is also a promotional stand.


Brochures have different examples that in some cases are published in both Persian and English translations. Today, brochures are made in very beautiful examples and unique designs, because the attractiveness and appearance of brochures is the first step that encourages the customer and consumer to read about the product.

Product identifiers one of the most widely used types of brochures about goods. When you open the lid of a medicine box, you often see a brochure in which it talks about the medicine itself, hoe to use it, barriers to use, temperature and storage place, etc. or in some products, such as TVs and electrical appliances, information about the installation process is expressed. You may have never paid attention to these information leaflets, but they do contain useful information for consumers.

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Educational Content: You must have seen brochures in a variety of clinics and hospitals that provide information psychology, patient legal issues, ways to deal with and prevent the disease, such brochures have less publicity and most of the content is usually educational.

Food menu: In most modern coffee shops and restaurants today, you can see the removal of the food menu bookelt.

As you know, today, to prevent duplication of speech, duplicate content, as well as the transfer of content and information in large volumes in a short time, they use the production of brochures, the production of such items has had good results sofar.

Advantages of using a brochure

The production and printing of brochures has many advantages, some of which are mentioned now.

Easy shipping

You can distributed all kinds of brochures in different places including shops, exhibition, seminars and conferences, this will allow you to send more positive and accurate information to more people.

Save money

One of the most convenient ways to advertise compared to online banners is brochures cataloging is a low-cost and lucrative marketing plan. It is also possible for you to choose brochures based on your budget, for example, order paper or laminated brochures with glossy paper.

Comprehensive information

A brochure is useful and effective when it improves the credibility and goals of the institution or business. The catalog allows you to provide comprehensive and accurate information about the business or company as well as its services to customers.


In design, it is very important to pay attention to a number of points, and observing some techniques will make them more beautiful and attractive, some of which we will discuss below.

Use legible fonts

It is better to use legible and beautiful fonts in appropriate sizes in the design. Make sure the font you used to print a catalog matches the type of company and organization. Avoiding to use of italic fonts in complex models reduces readability.

Correct color combination

Today, the effect of color in persuading customers has greatly increased. Colors are one of the important elements of any brochure, which is a bridge between customers and the product brand.

Cheerful color and bold designs have been able to persuade the audience to read the content of the brochure more than ever.

Insert the logo

Each catalog that is to be produced and printed is used for a business or company. It does not matter if it is educational or promotional content. Printing and inserting the logo in the part of the brochure that can be seen and read one of the most important features of a paper catalog.

Suitable paper

The paper used in each brochure can be changed depending on the customer’s needs. For example, in brochures that are used inside audience boxes, they are made of paper and contain some information, but in restaurants or travel agencies, the paper used is usually glass so that it does not get dirty or torn easily.

Why A4 or A5 papers?

Have you ever wondered why mist brochures are produced in A4 and A5 paper sizes?

Well, the answer to this question is nit to reduce the cost of the brochure. When you use paper in these sizes, the paper shrinks and sometimes even reaches zero when cutting, which is very economical when printing in bulk orders.

Avin Pack carton making

Catalogs and brochures are now one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise, along with online and offline advertising designed and published by various sites. Avin Pack carton with over two decades of valuable experience in the production of carton packaging and cardboard boxes along with brochures tailored to the product brings a lot of customers satisfaction.

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