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Pharmaceutical packaging and types of drug boxes along with its design and printing are part of AvinPack carton manufacturing services and since the preparation and production drug boxes is related to the health of people in the community is of great importance.



Drug packaging methods

Packaging is designed and produced for purposes such as product maintenance and protection, and for advertising purposes. One way to package products is to use cardboard and carton boxes cardboard boxes have been a major element in the packaging industry, especially in the food and pharmaceutical indistries.


Advanced technology has created new techniques in the packaging industry. Printing medicine to the general public. By printing the medicine box, the product can be presented hygienically and protected against possible injuries.

In fact, to sell products such as medicine, you need to print the medicine box so that you can sell your product by presenting a beautiful package. These types of packages are safe and cheap and can hold a lot of medicine, and these boxes are recyclable and help reduce costs.

drugs boxes

Pharmaceutical packaging

Drug packaging includes all production processes through drug distribution channels to the final consumer. In drug production countries, packaging is based on factors such as ensuring patient safely, ensuring effectiveness, and controlling degradation the drug is oxygenated by moisture, heat and etc. Packaging is an integral part of pharmaceutical products. In printing the medicine box, special cardboard called inderboard should be used.

Because this cardboard has an international health certificate and is known in the market as a health cardboard. This cardboard is available in different heats. After printing the medicine box the boxes are razor-sharp and one side is glued and then sent to the medicine factory.

In some cases, gray cardboard is also used to print the medicine box because the product does not have direct contact with the box and will not have any health problems. Many companies produce quality laminated medicine storage boxes made of paper, aluminum, and thin layers of polyethylene, which increase the box resistance to water, light and air.

Packaging iteams

When it comes to packaging pharmaceutical products, the most important and main point is to avoid any contamination during packaging that should be considered. Acceptable packaging that is free of any germs and contamination is acceptable. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging should always consider the main function of the drug.

Cardboard box

The medicine boxes are resistance to seepage and do nor allow the medicine to penetrate the packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging companies also guarantee full protection of pharmaceutical products after packaging and product the quality of pharmaceutical products.

cardboard medicine boxes provide the customer with useful information about the medicine in the package. Information such as the name of the medicine, the prescribe amount, the expiration date and the number of medicines in the package are usually printed on the box. Printed information on cardboard boxes makes it easier to identify and detect drugs inside the box.

Certainly, the design and production of labels and packaging in the pharmaceutical industry is attracting more and more attention. Pharmaceutical packaging companies can create a better image and mentality of brands, facilities the use of drugs, and also minimize errors in the amount of prescribed drugs.

Important things to consider when printing and producing a medicine box include the following:

  • box design based on national and international standards.
  • proper use of certain colors to sound the alarm
  • use Braille for blind partially sighted people
  • possibility of printing destructive information on the box during blurring from the packaging machine
  • use of box seals and items that confirm the authenticity of the product, such as product authenticity labels, thermal labels and etc.

Avin Pack, with years of experience in the field of specialized production of packaging design, is ready to fulfill all kinds of customer orders. For price inquiries or for more information and free consultation in this field, contact Avin Pack experts via the contact page.

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