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FAQ ordering paperboard boxes are useful for those visitors whose product is relating light in weight. In the box making industry, one of the topic that creative was directed towards was paperboard boxes.



  • What is the position of the paperboard in box making industry?

One of the sub-branches of box making is paperboard boxes, which are the most used because they can be considered a box for any small or large product, and they can be also be printed on them.

  • What are the typed of paper board boxes?

White paperboard, back gray and glossy paperboard, these 3 are the most efficient on order, and each of them has own thicknesses.

  • What are the models of paper boxes?

The most used models are locked boxes, mail boxes, sliding ones, etc. these are useful and can support any products and keep them from physical and chemical damage.

  • How can you know whether a paper board or carton is more suitable among the appropriate product packaging?

Paper boxes are chosen for products with relating less weight, such as cosmetics, some medical and pharmaceutical supplies, food packs, etc.

  • What are the information needed to make a paper board?

First, the model of the box should be selected and then the dimensions of the box (length, width, and height) should be specified. The next step is to choose the type of paperboard box and printing services.

  • What are the printing services?

Printing cover is one of the most used services, which include glossy, cellophane, matte cellophane, UV and varnish.

  • How can you order a box?

After choosing the model, dimensions, printing type, circulation, as well as price of each box, a proforma invoice is sent to the customer, and after the first deposit is paid, the production of the order is started.

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