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Nuts packaging can be produces in many different forms and with different capacities. for example, with a little creativity in designing a beautiful and reliable handle made of carton body, which can also play the role of door lock. Undoubtedly, this beautiful packaging will remain in the memory of customers and itself a kind of introduction and promotion your brand.




Nuts packaging is one of the most important packaging items, and in general, when it comes to food, their pack is very important because such materials must be in a healthy condition and free from any contamination to reach the consumer.

Since nuts are considered as export goods and are considered as one of the souvenirs of our country, paying attention to their design and type of packaging is very important and special attention should be paid to it.


Nuts include pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and etc. Each of which has its own properties and benefits, and their consumption provides many fibers and vitamins to the body. Today, unfortunately, with the increase in the price of these foods, the purchasing power of people in society has decreased and some people miss the opportunity to consume them.

Packaging design

The packaging of nuts for export must have a unique design. Many European countries set high standards for imported food packaging, and in addition to the quality of their products, manufacturers must also have good attractiveness of their product packs in order to act like a professional advertising stand.


The method of using the design and color appropriate to the product itself is one of the beautiful features in the design of boxes and packaging cartons. For example< one-person packages can be designed for individual uses, which include smaller volumes of nuts and dried fruits and have a cheaper price that can be purchased for daily use.

Type of packaging

Carton and cardboard packs are one of the options for these products. Along with cardboard and carton, there are packages made of glass, plastic and metal containers, but cardboard and carton packs, because they have a higher printing capability than others. Packaging has been able to gain more fans from manufacturers.

People who have special and powerful activities in the export of nuts want to engrave their in the minds of customers in such as way that in the future they will become one of the most famous and best-selling brands in foreign countries, so they have chosen the experience of using different packages, carton boxes and cardboard.

nuts box

Advantages of carton and cardboard packaging

The main structure is carton and paper cardboard, which has a high color fatness. inserting the desired design and color on such packs is excellent and gives a good appearance to the product, which beauty and attractiveness is one of the important factors for export. Inserting a special design on this type of packaging, letter embossing, gilding, cellophane and other printing services are all items that can be applied together in less packaging. The light weight of the box and carton makes transportation faster and easier to move.


Finally, one of the important features, that are very sensitive in imported goods is that the products that are to be imported to their country do not cause any harm to environment and do not cause harm to it. Boxes and cartons enter the recycling cycle quickly after consumption. reassuring consumers that they will not harm the environment.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best packaging for nuts? For packaging such materials, it is better to use cardboard and carton packs, because along with the packaging of each, there is also a bigger carton, which makes transportation easier.

What is the export design of nuts? Since nits are among the most popular export goods, their design should be appropriated for foreign products and modernity and attractiveness should be observed in them.

What are the benefits of carton and cardboard packs? Hih printing capability and after-sales service, easy transportation, environmental protection and light weight are all advantages of carton packaging.

The final word

With more than one decades of experience and efforts of teammates in the field of design, production and sales, Avin Pack Carton Company has been successful in satisfying customers, but still tries to be among the best packaging manufacturers in Iran with its increasing efforts. If you are a manufacturer of domestic or export products, you can register your orders regarding carton and cardboard packs by obtaining a free consultation in the section( contact us).

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      because the nuts are the export products the designs of them should be unique and attractive. the laminated boxes with after-printing elements are the best cases.


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