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Walnut is one of the most consumed nuts that has many fans due to its high nutritional properties. This product is marketed with walnut skin and kernels. Walnut packaging, especially walnut kernels, is very important from a health point of view . There are different types of walnut packing boxes, which are we will explain in the following.



Types of boxes and cartons walnut kernels

Walnut carton is one of the suitable packages for this product. these boxes are designed and produced according to the weight of the walnut that is to be placed inside them.

Four- door carton or American carton is used for packaging small boxes of walnuts. By placing these boxes inside the American carton, they are easier to transport and less damage is done to the boxes while moving, of course, from the four-door carton or packaging. Bulk walnuts with skin are also used.

The American carton used for packing walnuts is mostly 3layers or 5layers. Walnut are usually packaged in a weight at 5 to 10 kg and sometimes more in American carton. For weight less than 10 kg, three-layer carton is used and for heavier weights, five-layer carton is used.

It should be noted that walnuts are placed in a grease bag before being placed in cardboard and carton boxes, because it walnuts are placed directly in the boxes, they will become infected and may cause disease.

cardboard packaging us used for packing walnuts in low weights, which usually weigh less than one kg. There re different typed of cardboard, the most widely used of which are inderboard, gray back and kraft.

Foe packing walnuts in low weight, they use more inderboard and gray back cardboard. To prepare cardboard packaging, first the weight of the product must be known and then according to that, the dimensions of the cardboard box are determined and the box is produced.

Carton and walnut box printing

Printing on cardboard box3es is offset printing. This printing includes several colors that make them more beautiful on cardboard boxes. Printing on cartons is flexo printing. This one is applied directly on cartons, which includes one or two colors.

walnut packaging

Export and ordinary walnut packaging

To supply walnuts to domestic markets, you can use three-layer brown or white four-door cartons that can be printed or unprinted according to the customers.

These types of cartons are more suitable for domestic supply, but it is better for export, use three-layer or five-layer laminated cardboard.

Laminating is a process in which offset printing is done on cardboard. This cardboard is called a poster. The poster id glued to the carton by automatic and semi-automatic devices.

this is because it is not possible to print offset directly o packaging cartons. Laminated cartons are a good option for export because design despite the lamination process, the boxes find a more beautiful design and color and become more attractive to the customers.

Various sample of exported walnut cartons

Export walnut cartons can be produced in different typed and shapes. Usually, four-door cartons are used for packing walnuts. There are other models such as telescopic cartons, carton with handles and etc., which are produced according to the weight of the product and the customer’s opinion.

Walnut cardboard boxes are also available in various forms such as sliding, keyboard, locking bottom and… . The samples are designed according to the weight of the walnut product so that these boxes can be placed side by side in the cartons.

What should be the resistance of export cartons and boxes?

Export walnut carton should have good strength and resistance so that it is not damaged along the way and the walnut inside it is not damaged.

It is very important to use suitable layers for the production of export cartons. Flute (congressional sheet) and flat sheet are use to produced three-layer and five-;ayer cartons. For export walnut cartons, flat layers of kraft sheets are usually used, which are strong and durable.

In the production of sheet carton, anti-moisture flutes are used so that during the storage of walnuts in thee cold storage, water and moisture do not penetrate into the packaging cartons and do not cause damage to the walnuts.

Laminated cartons are usually covered with a layer of cellophane. This cellophane both enhance the beauty of the carton and increase the anti-moisture property of the cartons.

To prepare cardboard boxes, thickness must be considered. Cardboard has different thickness, which is from 60 to 500 grams. The suitable temperature for walnut boxes is between 250 and 300 grams, but again the choice of this thickness is chosen according to the customer’s opinion and the weight of the product.

Walnut carton design

Walnut is a product that is widely cultivated in Iran and Iranian walnut has many customers in foreign markets, so using the best type of carton, design and color in the packaging to supply this product is very important because it is the packaging that looks it is seen first and persuaded the customer to buy can represent the Iranian brand and logo in the foreign market, so the best design and color for these export packages should be considered.

It can be interesting to use designs that show a part of a walnut by using talc on the box, by doing this and seeing a part of the product, the customer is attracted to the product packaging and wants to buy it.

Last word

Mentioning all these cases in this article, you will get acquainted with different types of walnut cartons. Avin pack carton company with more than two decades of experience in the field of production of export and domestic walnut cartons has been able to attract customer satisfaction and be among the top producers of these products.

If you are a trader or manufacturer of walnuts and you need walnut boxes and cartons, you can contact the consultants of Avinpack company and order the box you want by consulting.

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