hard box

hard box is used for all kinds of gift boxes for occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentine days and etc. which due to its hard and strong body, has higher durability than ordinary cardboard boxes.



What is the hard box?

Hard box, which usually uses layer of MDF and wood. Nowadays, due to people tendencies towards beauty, orders and as a result, the production of such boxes has flourished a lot. Hard boxes are mostly used for expensive products that have a high financial value. this is because a lot of money is spent on the product and it is important for the customer to stay healthy and use it to maintain their own boxes after consumption, which the consumer will beat the cost of the box along with the cost of the product because durability and the health of the purchased product is important for him.

hard box

Hard boxes, like other cardboard boxes, are produced with a slight difference in one or two stages, which we will examine in the following:

Step1: The first step is to prepare a cardboard sheet that is made from dough. This dough is obtained either from the trunks of tree. in which case it is made of first-class material, or it is prepared from recycled cardboard that does not have the quality of first-class material.

Step2: After preparing the dough by automatic materials, the obtained dough will be turned into sheets and these sheets are used for cardboard and hard boxes. The sheets in the box are a little stronger than the card board boxes, which are usually made of sheets like Karaji or Meghraziyani.

Step3: After the sheet production stage, it is time to produce the hard box, which after obtaining the desired dimensions, the mold is made for it and is produced by a special mold that the cost of the mold will be paid by the customer.

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Step4: Cutting the box in this step id done either linearly or curved. There is also a die-cut hard boxes and jude that the boxes are also seen as curved.

The point that distinguished the hard box from the cardboard boxes is the gluing of the edge of the carton, which is done by special glue by hand, which means that this step requires manpower, and its sheet is also harder than ordinary cardboard, The print on the hard box doubles the beauty of the box which is designed in such a way that it has waterproof properties that do not harm its quality in different seasons and in hot and cold conditions. it is time, that hard boxes are slightly higher in price than assurance than he will use these types if boxes for a longer period of time and with high durability.

Advantages and disadvantages of hard box

Hard boxes are used in different cases and industries and their use indicates the high value of the product. In this section, we will describe some of the most consumed industries and uses cosmetic companies used luxury and expensive perfume boxes and colognes, which are often also used as a gift.

They use of hard boxes in mobile phone companies is very common in this industry and is seen in abundance. The reason is that such products, due to their early vulner ability to impact. their boxes should be made of strong material ad strong enough to that confirms the authenticity of the brand.

Jewelry the main reason for using hard boxes and jewelry and gift industry is due to the importance of the beauty of such good, and also besides the importance of attractiveness and beauty, it is also a security issue that is very important for jewelry.

Hard boxes have many advantages. some of which include the possibility of magnetic on the lid of the box, the pleasant feeling that is conveyed by the touch of the box, and having a simple yet very luxurious appearance, all of which increase the fans of the box.

All the products that are produced are not 100% excellent and in addition to their advantages, they also have disadvantages. A product can be labeled with quality that according to the scales, have more advantages than disadvantages. Hard boxes are not exception for example, when a magnet is used to attach the lid of a box to its body, the magnet used may lose its magnetic properties and the healthy of the box over a long period of time, and this is the case with hard boxes.

Types of hard box models

There are several models of hard boxes that we will examine one by one:

the telescopic model is similar to mobile phone boxes that go inside each other, which seals these boxes for more security.

Sliding: This model is similar to a match box in that the box has a prominent part on the door and the box that is fastened to each other.

The smoker of this model has a classic and simple style, the lid of which is attached to the body and does not separate. magnets and magnetic properties can be applied in this type of box.

The bool of this model, as its name implies, opens and closes like a which is kind of smoking made and is used for luxury cosmetics or clothes and electronic devices.

Hard box

At present, ordering and producing hard boxes is our country, Iran, with new trends, is in great demands today, and for manufacturers of luxury, electronic and export accessories. They mostly use these types of boxes, it is true that the price of such boxes relatives to car board boxes are higher, but if ordered in large numbers and in bulk, the price will be cheaper. Also, having the design, color and printing services adds to the beauty of such boxes which result in higher sales and in the export sector, the brand remains in the minds of customers.

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