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carton tv types of models of LG, SNOWA, SAMSUNF, X-VISION, SHAHAB, G-PLUS and all kinds of brands and their models, you can consider the dimensions and weight and obtain a license from their agencies to produce cartons and boxes, for order, but before that, you need to pay attention to the following items to produce flawless packaging.



Buy Tv cartons

you can register a Tv carton order. you must first finalize your order by collecting the feature of the product that we will say below, because after the production of the carton, if the packaging carton is not the same as you intended, it can no longer be modified and you will have to use packaging that does not work for you.

Rotary machine

The image you see is called a rotary device;. this device consists of three stages, which include 1. paint pumping chamber 2. stencil 3. mold, about each of we will give a brief description.

In the paint pumping chambers, four main colors are used, which are responsible for transferring the color to the stencil, and the desire color in intended on the cardboard sheet through the stencil. after inserting the color whose design is designed on the plate it is time to cut. the cutting stage is done by molds on which blades are installed, in which the sheet is rolled and cut between two moving parts, and at the end, a sheet with printed and cut is produced.

Among the steps described, some of them may be removed at the request of the customer with the type of packaging. for example, a box that is not printed will be produced. well, at this stage, the color and plate can be removed and desire sheet is cut by the mold, or in some cases, printing may be done by die-cutting machines.

By reading above, you have obtained almost relative information about the performance on the rotary machine. this ,machine has the ability to deliver printed and cut sheets in the number of 5000 pieces per hour, but the average and work with is about 2000 pieces per hour, which is both better quality production and friction of the machine is minimized.

Important features of the production of the cartons

  1. Weight Considering the weight of the product, it is easy to choose the combination of carton sheets. This makes the most suitable carton material to be used during its production because the appropriate material is the main element of the carton price.

2. Dimensions If you do not have the exact dimensions (length, width, height) of the product, the carton box that is produced is small for the product in question, which in the long run will cause the carton to tear and disintegrate, or it is larger, which will shake with extra space inside. Eating the device while moving, which also damages the product itself.

3. Printing Carton printing is one of the important features because it also has the status of advertising and branding development and makes the packaging of TV packaging beautiful and can be used for silk, flexo or offset (laminate) printing.

4. Designing a design on a carton requires an innovative and experienced idea in creating different types of designs, which makes a suitable design of the desired product be born. This will make the audience happy for years if the design has unique features.

How to calculate the price of Tv carton

To calculate and inquire about the price of tv cartons, topics such as type and composition if material, number of carton layers( 3 layers. 5 layers, 7 layers), number or circulation, type of printing , carton model are the most important factors in determining the price of each carton. They are very effective and in this regard, you can get free advice from the experts of the sales and design unit of Avin Pack Carton Factory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a TV stand ready? If you are looking for second-hand cartons, you may find one or two, but if you want a large number, you must order it to be produced.

How many layers do they produce TV cartons? In most cases, 5 layers are used and the combination of these five layers also needs to be studied.

How to calculate the price of a TV carton? To calculate the carton price of each product, you need information about the product, such as dimensions, weight, model, type of printing, number of copies. After having this information, you can contact the sales unit of 026-9100-1919

Carton Makin AvinPack

Avin Pack Factory in order to support notional production and perform production leap by using Iranian experts and also with the aim of improving the quality of boxes and packaging cartons of various products, is trying to supply the domestic market and especially foreign markets to compare with its abroad in order to have a share in displaying Iranian products and goods in store of different countries at the highest level. we are by your side with the best carton manufacturing, including Zarin caton, Carton pack and Avin pack.

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