Banana cartons

Banana carton today is used in various application such as packaging of fruits and vegetables, bulk bananas, watermelon, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, moving and etc. however, there is a separate carton for each of them but according to the needs of market, cartons of second-hand bananas were available which have the feature of ease of transportation.



Price of banana carton

There is a great demand for this type of carton in the market. Then, get acquainted with the price of banana cartons in two dimensions, small and large and it is to by online. Banana carton is used in two sizes: large 46*37*30 and small 24*18*15. For low circulation, you can apply through the carton online store with the following photos, and to buy higher circulation, you can call 026391001919.

Banana carton

Banana cartons are offered in two sizes in Iran and apparently in other countries. They are also used for moving, and the customers that is looking for this type of moving purposes should use cartons that have been used once but if it is needed for packing fruits and vegetables or all kinds of other goods, they should use new cartons and modern production. Most banana cartons are produced n felxo printing without designs and colors, but for the export of these products can be exported from boxes and laminated cartons printed in beautiful and attractive models and designs.

The model of the banana carton box is a surface that has five layers and three layers has a relatively foods durability, and for this reason, their second-hand cartons are used for things such as moving. If you are a major buyer of this type of carton, you can contact Avin Pack Carton Company.

Banana cartons


If a busy day is waiting for you, eating two medium ripe bananas can help you a lot. If you work, you can meet the body needs by consuming one per day, bananas are also harvested in Iran, of which Sistan and Balichestan is one. Hormozgan is one of the province where banana fields can be seen. The top banana producing countries are Africa, India, China and Philippines and Iran meets its greatest banana needs by importing from India. Most imported bananas are marketed as green to have more time to sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is banana carton used? Most of them are used instead of moving cartons and in some cases they are used instead of some fruit and vegetables cartons.
  • What are the dimension of a banana carton? Banana cartons have two sizes: 24*18*15 is small box and 46*37*30 is large carton.
  • What is the useful weigh in banana cartons? It is about 12 to 14 kg
  • What is the number of each cluster in a banana carton? Each carton has 4, 5 and 6 cluster depending on its weight and size.
Banana cartons

Avin Carton

Manager of Avin Pack carton and box industry with nearly decades of experience, are still studying and researching daily to be able to compete with them foreign counterparts. Here in the heart of Avin Pack carton manufacturing, by using mechanized machines and motivated specialists along with round-the-color efforts, they have been able to maintain the highest production in the quality level of cartons and cardboard boxes with the reasonable prices to themselves.

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