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cell phone carton box can be slightly different from the brands in the market. In this valuable article, we want to explain to our audience how to make and produce a mobile phone box from zero to one hundred. To learn more about this tutorial and compare it with other boxes and better understand this issue, join us until the end of the article.



carton box of cellphone of prominent brands

cell phone carton box: undoubtedly, today we have all seen the cellphone carton box up close and filled it with its strenght and stability in terms of keeping the product inside and also its thickness. The carton box of the cellphone uses hard box technology. Hard boxes use compressed cardboard and cartons, and all over the world, this type of production and construction do not have many changes and often use the same method.

mobile box

How to produce cellphones

To make this type of box, you need quality inderboard cardboard, pressed cardboard, glue and printing, It is possible to produce cellphone boxes both mechanized and manually, which is a cleaner job than working with machines. Cellphone box production technology can be divided into three parts.

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A box maker and carton maker should plan all the steps of his work in such a way as to provide raw materials at the most appropriate price and consider his scope of work in sheet dimensions that have less circumference and also by using mechanized machines and experienced personal can provide the highest quality and most suitable packaging to its customer.

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Parts of making cellphone cartons

Mobile box preparation can be divided into three parts:

  1. Phone carton outsole: The center of the phone carton outsole is made of compressed multi-layered cardboard, which is very resistant to folding, breaking and impact, and then card board is printed on it and glued on it without the customer request. The above cardboard is mostly white and made of inderboard cardboard.
  2. Carton door of the phone: Carton door of the phone is made with the same special feature of the carton of the phone, which is printed in most case of cardboard that is glues. The amount of raw materials used in it is less than the outsole of the cellphone box.
  3. The split phone holder: Holder is placed inside the bottom of the phone carton, which is made of inderboard cardboard and its job is to maintain the product

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you also produce cardboard mobile cartons or laminated cartons? In the usual case, cartons of mobile phones are produced as hard boxes and in some cases, it is possible to produce them with the desired combination and model at the request of the customers.
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