laminated boxes

Laminated boxes

Laminated boxes are the ideal option for those producers who present fantasy, modern, and luxury goods. laminated boxes and cartons have double beauty compared to simple ones and do better marketing for producers. What…
single face corugated box

single-face corrugated boxes

Single-face corrugated boxes or 2-layer carton boxes are one of the widely used types of packaging in the carton and cardboard manufacturing industry. Single-face carton boxes are laminated in all cases to maintain their strength and beauty. Structure…
Tab-locking boxes

Tab locking boxes

Tab-locking boxes are one of the most practical and common models in the packaging industry which is useful for different types of products. Tab-locking boxes are designed and provided to customers in cardboard, carton, and laminated carton…
luxury packaging

Why luxury packaging is called MR. Marketer?

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Luxury packaging can be considered one of the persuasive solutions to buying products. In this article, we want to talk about the why and how of these luxury packages work so that they understand how important they can be and why you should…
FAQ about ordering زboxes

FAQ about ordering boxes

FAQ ordering paperboard boxes are useful for those visitors whose product is relating light in weight. In the box making industry, one of the topic that creative was directed towards was paperboard boxes. What…
French fries packaging

French fries packaging

French fries packaging is produced in different types. These pockets and packages are made for restaurant and fast food use Making French fries packaging French fries packaging is designed and produced in different…
food packaging regulatons

Food packaging regulations

Food packaging regulations are the factors that any producers should obey the rules. Also, food packaging has some standards are released by FDA. Food packaging is very important and strict supervision is done both…
business card design

Business card

A business card is a tool that is needed in today's advertising world to introduce small and large businesses to other people in any field. In this article, we will talk about the types of business cards and how to produce special samples. What…
mug carton packaging

Mug packaging

Mug packaging should be designed to deliver the product to the customer in the end, correctly and safely. Those type of breeding accessories such as mugs and porcelain are usually packed into 3-layer cartons. They can use dividers and holders…
Home appliance packaging

Home appliance packaging                                                

Home appliance packaging has a very high output and is very demanding of high-quality packaging. In durable and heavyweight consumer goods such as home appliances, the emphasis on the protective aspects of the product is very valuable. Appliances…