Increase sales and customer acquisition

Increase sales and customer acquisition leaves a good feeling for the sales person and raises the mindset, one of the benefits after that is feeling good. In this article, we will talk about topics that have written documents and have been…
cell phone box

Cell phone carton box

cell phone carton box can be slightly different from the brands in the market. In this valuable article, we want to explain to our audience how to make and produce a mobile phone box from zero to one hundred. To learn more about this tutorial…
coffee box

Coffee packaging

Coffee packaging today must be such as to keep the product or coffee away from moisture and deliver the product to the consumer without any changes and healthy because coffee is sold hot, they are laced in paper and cardboard bags, and the…
how to make cardboard

How to make a cardboard box

How to produce a cardboard box in the production of Avin Pack box making has its own steps and each of these steps are considered as the most basic parts of its production which is important to consider and can not be deleted, and if any of…
recognize carton box

Recognize the carton box

Recognize the carton box requires familiarity with the type of sheet composition, type of carton, cardboard material, printing method as well as reviewing box models, achieving refrigeration combinations, export market, domestic and such that…
online carton boxes

Online store packaging cartons

Online store packaging cartons are a classic symbol for the store. In order to gain the customer trust and satisfaction in delivery, special attention has been paid to the type of product packaging, because for the buyer, the glorious packaging…
hard box

Hard box

hard box is used for all kinds of gift boxes for occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentine days and etc. which due to its hard and strong body, has higher durability than ordinary cardboard boxes. What…
carton tv

Tv carton

carton tv types of models of LG, SNOWA, SAMSUNF, X-VISION, SHAHAB, G-PLUS and all kinds of brands and their models, you can consider the dimensions and weight and obtain a license from their agencies to produce cartons and boxes, for order,…
Banana cartons

Banana cartons

Banana carton today is used in various application such as packaging of fruits and vegetables, bulk bananas, watermelon, cabbage, lettuce, strawberries, moving and etc. however, there is a separate
Export Lettuce and Cabbage packaging

Export Lettuce and Cabbage packaging

Export Lettuce and Cabbage packaging: Lettuce and cabbage export cartons of different designs and colors are used, which gives your product a double beauty. Lettuce is mostly used in salads and some sandwiches. Lettuce is a good source of vitamins…