6 secrets to specialized packaging

6 secrets to specialized packaging

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6 secrets to specialized packaging will can be a very useful article that can help you, how o create and design your packaging cartons and boxes to provide fabulous feelings to the costumers. Designing packages…
Flexo printing

Flexo printing

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Flexo printing is commonly used for high-volume prints or for items such as direct printing on cartons that are not possible in offset printing and silk screen printing. Of course, in the carton industry, laminating on carton has completely…
carton flute

Carton flute

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Carton flute is the material which uses between layers of carton to provide the strength of carton fir using transportation products well. What is carton flute? You may have asked yourself this question, if pay…
container freight transport

Containers freight transport

Containers freight transport has increased a lot in different factories and industries to facilitate the transportation and movement of products, which are made in various dimensions, and for the strength of goods that are placed on pallets. what…
letter press machine

Letter press machine

Letter press machine is one of the oldest types of printing compared to other prints such as offset, flexo and digital. Others prints have surpassed letter press due to the increasing development of today's world, and this type if less used…
dried fruit boxes

Dried fruit packaging

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Dried fruit packaging today and its role in exports is more important attention than ever. Paying attention to the points such as quality,, design and color appropriate to the product, avoiding uniformity and instead using taste can become…


Brochure is one of the most appropriate and common items that is used to inform in a short time. Today, beauty brochures with modern and attractive designs are produced for a variety of products. What is the brochure? A…

Pizza box

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Pizza box is produced as a common packaging for fast foods especially pizza. Most fast food restaurants and outsiders have the most orders for such boxes. History of Pizza Today, in the most fast food restaurants…
toy packaging

Toy box carton

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Toy box carton is one of the most common types of packaging for toys. You can see different types of toys in the market that are seen in different sizes, and for all these products, cardboard and carton boxes are usually used. Toy…
aseptic packaging

Aseptic carton

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Aseptic carton is another modern man-made packaging that is used for most foods and snacks to extend their shelf life. In this article we try to acquaint you with aseptic carton and its features and applications, and it will certainly be…